The kennel was organized in 2011. I am Natalia, the breeder of Samoyeds and English setters. At the moment there are 4 dogs: Samoyed Lumeingel Väike Merineitsi "Meli". This is my main dog. It is the founder of all my dogs. Her daughter is Belie of Belyaev Lilac Violet "Ronya". Very cheerful and tender. Samoyed male dog Urfin Povelitel' Severnogo Vetra "Khan". It was brought from Russia. Fourth dog English setter Tantsuyushii Veter Pretty Face "Pretty" was also brought from Russia.


I have always loved dogs, but the first dog I bought only in 1994 and it was black miniature poodle. Absolutely happy and beloved pet, it was a "cushion". It has lived 15,5 years and after his death, I have owned the Samoyed with absolutely serious intentions, that include dog shows, competitions and breeding. The name of kennel was formed from a surname Belyaev and white dogs. Our dogs are members of our family. Their health, good physical development and development of pedigree qualities is a task of kennel of Belie of Belyaev.